I missed my mark by a thousand miles

Ooh pride, ooh pride

Because I never aimed to take both our lives.

Ooh pride, ooh pride, ooh pride


I know I said “I love you” over a thousand times

Ooh pride, ooh pride

But if we loved at all, it was dead before it was even tired.

I don’t know that I tried.  I don’t know that I mind.

Ooh pride


She’ll walk the hall until the sun starts to rise;

Collapse by my side;

She’ll stir with the light.

Before I go, I’ll check to see she’s alive.

I’ll kiss both her eyes

And hope that she smiles,

And hope that she smiles.


If I can’t say that I’m smiling myself

Then I’m asking too much of somebody else.

Ooh ooh

And it’s easier keeping them shut than keeping them dry.


I give my love a thousand reasons to cry.

Ooh pride, ooh pride

She tells me so, that rather than grow, we’ve declined.

You know that I’m right.

Now tell me I’m right.

I’ll break her down so she’s trembling on the floor with fright.

I’ll spit till I’m dry.

I’ll shove back her thighs.

And she’ll scratch my face and tell me I’m a goddamn sorry sight;

That I’m drunk and I’m wild;

That I fuck like a child.

That’s all I need to hear to know this bitch is mine;

That she won’t put up no fight;

She’s my angel, my pride,

Ooh pride.


Oh, I know, I know, and were it not so, then we’d be fine.

But I’m weak in my might

And I’m too strong in my pride.

If your heart ain’t closed, you know my arms are open wide.

And it’s warmer inside

Even stripped of your pride,

Ooh pride.