I'm Not Gonna Miss This Dive

I came in for a pick-me-up—

Something to revive

As everything’s been dragging me down

“Boy, she did you a favor.”  I recognized the jive of Buddy    

“And she got you to the bar by five.”

I’m not gonna miss this dive…


Everything was looking up

'Til Doris did arrive,

Evidently tracking me down.

Buddy blew right past me, took her coat, now I’ve nobody.

And the queen has taken back her hive.

I’m not gonna miss this dive…


Seems with every sip ‘nother back has turned

Every honey drip ‘nother man gets burned

But she can keep these characters. I’ll never miss a dive like this.


There was a night, I can recall,

(She used to be the most beautiful thing to me)

Barely upright at last call

As her beer had been free,

That I wouldn’t let her make this drive.

I’m not gonna miss this dive…